Hello, my name is Jenny and I'm the owner of Scrappin Happy Studio. I founded Scrappin Happy Studio in 2018 as a way to pursue my passion for scrapbooking and have a fulfilling career.

A fun fact about me is that I used to teach scrapbooking classes at our local scrapbook store, which I really miss these days. I've been scrapbooking for over 25 years, and my very first album was made using wallpaper as scrapbook paper. It's still in my pile of over 35 completed albums!

When I'm not working or scrapbooking, I enjoy spending time with my family and gardening. I'm quite introverted and prefer to be at home, sipping on my coffee. So, working from home has been my dream job, and I can honestly say that I wake up each day loving what I do at Scrappin Happy Studio.

"I am the developer and creator of our new canvas flairs. These flairs offer a unique texture without any glare, unlike traditional flair buttons. Our canvas flairs are the first of their kind on the scrapbooking market. It took me several months to perfect them, and I hope you will love them as much as I do!"