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Wholesale Order Kaye Gunn

Wholesale Order Kaye Gunn

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Wholesale Order for Kaye Gunn


April sets - 45 canvas sets from crafty vibes and crafty time collections.

1. Craft together

2. Craft something amazing 

3. Create things

May sets -  45 canvas sets custom design 

1. You go girl

2. Girl have fun

3. Girl you got this 

June sets - 45 canvas sets from so rad and stay wild my child collections. 

1. So epic 

2. It's a boy thing 

3. Dream big 

 Total cost for 135 canvas sets of 3 at $2.40 a set  - $324.00

Shipping - $22.00

Total $346.00

Note - Not to be sold on ETSY. 

Thank you so much!

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